Doctors refusing to serve in rural areas, staying put in Srinagar

Srinagar: The government has failed to take action against hundreds of doctors who refused to serve in rural areas and continue to hold choice postings in Srinagar, including those who have not been transferred for nearly 30 years.
Official documents accessed by Kashmir Reader have revealed some shocking facts about the flawed transfer policy in the Health Department.
The data says that some government doctors deputed to Government Medical College, Srinagar, and other departments have not been transferred in the past 10 to 30 years.
Sources said that many doctors have refused to serve in rural area, using their political and bureaucratic influence, for past many years. This has resulted in Srinagar hospitals being overstaffed while district hospitals and sub-district hospitals being understaffed.
“The healthcare delivery system has been badly hit in far-flung areas as doctors refused to serve in rural areas using their political and bureaucratic influence,” sources said.
In Kashmir, nearly 100 doctors who refused to serve in far-flung areas are overstaying in Government Medical College, Srinagar, police department, and other institutions in Srinagar.
A senior administrator in the GMC said that people are facing hardships in villages in having access to basic healthcare as doctors refuse to serve in far-flung areas.

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