Congress is showing signs of revival but big challenges remain ahead of 2019 test

Over the past few weeks, the Congress, which has been unable to show much energy post its 2014 debacle, has finally been getting key elements in place to emerge as a strong and credible Opposition.

Rahul Gandhi’s United States tour revealed a relatively neglected, thoughtful and focused side of him to audiences. He was seen as candid about the failures of the Congress, conscious of the challenges before India, and aware of the centrality of economic growth and job creation. But the test was whether he would be able to sustain the momentum. Early evidence suggests he is taking greater responsibility in the party; he has travelled twice to Gujarat on yatras to build support for the party in the run up to the state elections, once to Amethi, and once to Himachal Pradesh in a little over a fortnight.

But beyond the individual, the Congress has also woken up to the social media game, and for the first time in years, is creating counter narratives on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Remember, it was on social media that the BJP was able to carve out a distinct space in the run up to the 2014 general polls.

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